Saturday, March 7, 2009

Girl Interrupted

I feel like I am always on the brink of saying something really meaningful, all the anticipation the buildup the excitement of how it will be received and then the interruption and it's gone. I wonder do we all feel this way. I wouldn't change my life for the world or my two interruptions, they are lovely, but I seriously find myself wondering how many hours of sleep I can survive on. How much can I do after they go to bed, or during my lunch break at work. Sometimes I feel selfish for wanting it so much and other times grateful for the excitement and for the thought even if it is interrupted. It will all just have to seep out slowly. I must do it (in small increments) or I might just explode. Is it just me?


  1. hi, aris! i just discovered your blog from your comment on tiny red, and your drawings are so delightful! as for this particular post - i have two beautiful little interruptions, and i am there EVERY day, feeling everything you've described, as i try to balance motherhood and art. you could have not said it more beautifully. both are important - carry on :)

  2. Lollie,
    This is a great blog! Your work is fascinating. I love its simplistic, yet personal nature. I really am not trying to sound like I know anything about critiquing art, because I don't. But I certainly appreciate it in all its glorious forms.
    I have two beautiful little interruptions as well. It is a fine balance to give them everything they deserve and that you want to give while giving yourself what you need as well. As with any care situation, though, the giver must first care for themselves in order to care for others. I have had to learn that it is okay to take time away for an afternoon, for a morning, to go do my own thing, as opposed to feeling constantly that I must be present for the kids during their every waking moment that I am not at school.
    Keep up the great blog and the perpetual search for balance between self and those you love!

  3. Thank you whoever you are! I wish I knew.