Monday, April 27, 2009

quietly beautiful

I love things that are quietly beautiful. These tiny happy spring flowers that you could easily miss they are so small and their smell is sweet in a whispery sort of way. I think female birds are often more lovely than their showy male counterparts. I like secrets and things that you find by quietly observing. I like subtlety and resonance and things that have no beginning or end.


  1. beautifully said and drawn :)

  2. yes! couldn´t have said it better myself. But I alos love the opposite:)

  3. So beautiful.
    Those flowers seems rare, they only have four petals. What is the name of that symetric little plant?

  4. Thank you Aimme and cecilia.
    Hanna I am not sure what they are called but they appear in sweet little bunches near the moss each spring here in New Hampshire. I like how they start out as a folded square.

  5. so often the most beautiful things are the simplest and quietest of we take the time to notice them.

    Beautiful artwork as always.

  6. Aris---

    I am so blown away by your work. The softness (and you refer to here) is intoxicating. Something I wish I could replicate in my own work...but simply can't.

    Do you sell your art? I would love to bring some of this peacefulness into my home :)