Monday, September 28, 2009

This weekend I was going to carpe diem and set up my etsy shop and funny enough my computer couldn't access etsy for the whole weekend, it still won't (?). I kept looking around thinking for sure there was someone laughing at me. I am in the process of applying for my MFA again. I was accepted to a program last year that failed to mention that there is no way to get financial aid for their institution. So now I begin again trying to create more work and take better photos so that I can create a slideshow that is mac compatible( wish I had a mac). So I thought as I take quality photos maybe I'll set up my shop as well. A shop that mind you would only have originals as I do not own a printer. If anyone has suggestions for a basic good quality printer please let me know.

So after much frustration and feeling like I wanted to throw a good temper tantrum we took a trip to the local bookstore for a coffee and for the kids to look at books and play with the trains and what did I see but many people with their laptops or books ALONE and focused and I just for a moment wanted to be just that. Working in 20 minute increments is like starting a conversation over again each time. I am just so frustrated. I just need to find some time somewhere and a secret passageway to a nice quiet spot to collect my thoughts and carry on the conversation I have been starting for years now. I want to dive in but I feel like there is a string attached to my britches and life keeps reeling me in.
And the worst of it is I shouldn't complain I am so fortunate to have a beautiful family (as I say this August is having the temper tantrum I wanted)and a job I enjoy very much. The truth is I have a hard time staying home when the family goes out or leaving the room to go down to my studio. I don't want to miss a thing. Time is flying and I don't want to miss a thing.
So in closing I am thinking that being enrolled in an MFA program will force me to take time for my work and maybe I won't feel so guilty and then maybe, just maybe I'll set up shop and make a little money so I will feel like my work provides for the family and will feel a bit less selfish.
Please if you have any suggestions, and if you just want to whine to me as I just did feel free, I deserve it.
Hope you are all having a good start to the week.
I am off to visit Alexandra and begin goal setting.


  1. Aris, this post bought tears of recognition to my already watery eyes!!
    I feel much the same frustration. My tantrums go in cycles, but am happiest when i work without thinking of all the organising behind getting the work anywhere and the mum/artist shapeshifting! Would love to support the family with my work one day {that alone is enough pressure to warrant a tantrum!}.
    Happy to send you info about my printer ~ you can email me gretchenmist at virginbroadband dot com dot au if you like.
    ps. have been wondering for months if you sell your work or not . . . please open a shop!
    :) Belinda

  2. i adored you to pieces already, but aris, you just went up a major notch in my book with this post. do you wonder why i make magnets that say VODKA DEAR? for mornings like these, when i want to throw tantrums and my three year old gets to throw them instead.

    i use a simple HP photosmart - very cost effective and you will make that money back by selling prints. keep your originals! they are too beautiful to let go!

  3. Hi Aris - Aimee just sent me here and I'm so glad. I'm a mom trying to be an artist and vice versa. And sometimes it makes my eyes bleed when I'm trying to get work done and they need my attention, which is always. I have a Canon Pro9000 that was about $350 and was the best thing I ever bought. I sell my prints on really thick and rubbly canon paper (which is about $1.50 a sheet - it's their museum etching paper) and they look like the original watercolors! Email me if you want to talk shop about printing from home and ETSY etc. I agree with Aimee - hang on to your originals.

  4. Lollie,
    I feel similar with my newfound passion for web design. I want to work on graphics, site layout, code, scripting languages, and more. Yet I can only do so late at night after everyone has gone to sleep. But then if I do that too much, my wonderful wife misses me, and I don't blame her. I just wish there was more time to dive into our passions, even though I would never trade the time I have with my amazing wife and children. Hence it has taken me 2-3 months to get my online "studio" up and running, when if I could have dove into it, it may have taken a few days' time of intense, creative focus.
    Let's talk about setting you up with your own site to host your blog, your portfolio, and your art commerce, keeping 100% profit and making it your own style. On me. A gift. Oh, btw, it's Whitey.

  5. "Working in 20 minute increments is like starting a conversation over again each time." I don't have children but my work schedule is very full and can relate to this quote. Very well said. But if your conversation starts over and over again, I must say, it's a very interesting one...
    I've been investigating online shops and noticed that prints of original work sell well. It's a way to own art that you love even on a tight budget.

  6. Thank you all for your kind words and support. We are all in the same boat and I know that we are a lucky bunch. Many people have yet to find their passion and us well we love too much. A good thing I think.

    Inner toddler nice to meet you I am off to check out your blog!!!
    Oh and thanks for the printer tips!

  7. HI Aris,
    When I invent my superluminal loophole time machine designed exclusively for moms who are passionate artists, you will be 2nd in line to use it (sorry, I have to be first, you know, just in case it backfires) :) Warm regards... ~Gee