Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Dragonfly by August.
I found a beautiful and very large dragonfly in the supermarket parking lot. It caught my eye as a car raced past and made it roll around on the pavement. I brought it home so the kids could admire its beauty up close and then I tucked it under some flowers in the garden. August got teary and drew this picture while singing about the dragonfly. Oh poor August you are going to be just like me feeling the weight of an ant's struggle and the love of a fly.


  1. I love this! A portrait, plus a tear and a song? We should all be so lucky to be remebered this way. WHat is also cool is that the dragonfly made it in one piece. I know if my kids got ahold of it the head would probably fall off.

  2. well Heather things like that don't happen in our home. We are very gentle people(:

  3. My 4-yearold, Ansgar, was sitting in my knee as I visited Your blog and he shouted; "Oh what is that? A butterfly, a butterfly mama!"