Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Lucky Me

Thank you Aimee for these fabulous magnets that will make me smile in the kitchen (something I often find hard to do) and will remind me that someone in Kansas feels the same way I do. Not only are these magnets wonderful looking but they also do the job they don't slide down or fall off when two four year olds run by them. Aimee you have just made my life better . My husband just got home and is chuckling in the kitchen. Owen asked me what they said and I said no way, double darn it...... Thanks Aimee!!!


  1. you are a brave woman to post such bold words ;) and i am honored to see them here. display them while you can! those four year olds will be reading before you know it. my condolences on your property tax bill. yuk. (i guess i need a magnet that says 'yuk' too.)

  2. my favorite one is "vodka dear". he he he...

  3. i've got a couple of aimee's funny magnets on my fridge too :)
    so cool!!!