Saturday, November 21, 2009


A few pages from the week.


  1. how lovely to see pages of your sketchbook!
    and thanks for the wonderful comments you've left me lately :)
    can i have a hug from that last bear-creature?

  2. what a treat to see these pages.
    such lovely things hiding in your sketchbook!
    that first page is especially sweet.

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  4. Aris, I wrote wrong above... now here is what I want to say:
    My aim is truth.
    and the picture of the bird and the wonderful dresses. I think everyone can drop in to Your art and find themselves in the truth.

  5. I love your faces. They are always the hardest for me - frustrated perfectionist trying to hard to even everything out. seeing them off of "heads" and on bags inspired me to try to remove them from the natural and begin to see them in the fantastical. the emotion of your expressions is really beautiful. Thank you.