Saturday, December 5, 2009

grey saturday

More drawings. I am stuck inside my sketchbook again.
The sky is grey and heavy today. We are expecting our first snow tonight. We will all be bundled up for the Christmas parade. Hope you too are having a cozy Saturday.


  1. beautiful as always. love the cat and the calmness of the third image.
    getting really cold here too. stay warm.

  2. i feel like i'm entering an otherworld when i come here. you are so talented, aris. if you ever decide to sell prints of the lady holding her bag surrounded by alphabet soup please let me know. i'd love to purchase one and put it aside your gorgeous original piece that i see every day. xo

  3. yes, your drawings are like from another world, just like Aimee points out. The third drawing is my favourite. the hand is just so right there...