Saturday, December 26, 2009

Hoping that you all had a wonderful holiday and that today you are relaxing.
I also have a question for anyone that is able to answer: How can I take photographs of my work that have a really large dpi and change/reduce them to hi resolution A4 size images at 300 dpi. I have access to photoshop but do not ordinarily use it. Can I change the photographs that I already have or do I need to take new photographs altogether? Two of my many golas for the new year 1. get more computer savvy and 2. Ask for help when I need it.
Thank you for any advice that you are able to give.

PS I am so excited to have a weeks vacation to visit all of your blogs and catch up. A nice cup of coffee, good music and all of you = happiness.


  1. hello mr. peekadoo snowman :) i change the resolution in photoshop by selecting "image" on the top menu/toolbar, then "image size". there you can change the resolution, pixel dimensions or document size.

    i hope you had a wonderful christmas with your family.

    p.s. i love the block that you sent to alexandra

  2. First select the highest possible resolution to take pictures in on your camera (mine says Fine). That will give you 300 dpi pictures. 300 dpi is high enough for almost any enlargement. In photoshop select image- then size. First check which resolution your images have, should be 300 for pics if you want to enlarge. Then check their size in inches. If you want to enlarge them, the best way is to do it gradually, with 10 % increases (you can choose to enlarge in percentages, in inches or in pixels).

    If your pictures were taken at 72 dpi, you can't enlarge them very well. You would have to take them again.

    Save different copies in different resolutions.

  3. Thank you both. At the moment my pixels are in the thousands. Does that make sense? how do I get something that is in the thousands down to 300 and keep size and resolution? Am i daft? I am so lost with all of this and I so want to understand

  4. I use FastStone Resizer, it lets me change the image however I need it, and alowws for batch changes as well.