Saturday, December 19, 2009

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Sometimes I look back at my drawings and I feel like they just happened. Like when you arrive at work and wonder how did I get here? I forget the trip. Maybe I didn't even think of it maybe they did just happen, maybe they are just true . Maybe they just are. Or maybe when I go to sleep at night they are all up walking around and mingling and that's when they happen......................


  1. where was i these last days? I missed a few of your posts.
    if your drawings just happen, let then happen, they are so beautiful. Am I mistaking or do these 3 have a graver feel to them?

  2. aris, that guy is getting a little fresh with the lady - and she knows it! look at her eyes!

  3. p.s. i wonder all the time how i've gotten somewhere, either with drawings or in the car on the way somewhere. i think we get lost in a world, and what we do or produce is made in ways we can't explain. i loved this question!