Monday, January 18, 2010

Monday Morning

The snow is beautiful, especially in the early morning when the sky is heavy and grey and the footsteps are still in bed.


  1. i have a secret... i love heavy skies. they remind me of warm, protective blankets and make me want to huddle inside and create away. beautiful pics. i love the snow. ours is rapidly melting.


  2. Aris, how beautiful! You and Your family really picked a great place for Your home. It looks so peaceful, the inside of Your house and the nature that surrounds You.

    I do so enjoy You coming by my blog... :)

  3. Nice pictures :) Very serene. I like your thought of the "footsteps still in bed." Awesome!

  4. trying to work out where you live.
    have just found you via gretchenmist, at the computer on a warm sydney evening.

    your drawings are absolutely stunning. takes my breath away

  5. beautiful snow photos, lovely post. your drawings are inspiring.

  6. pssst Aimee , me too!
    Hannah thank you you are so kind.
    Thank you May , Feedthedog, and PK I am happy to meet you all and can't wait to visit your blogs.