Thursday, January 28, 2010



A very long week.

It is such a gift to have passion for something but sometimes I wish I could turn it off, just for a bit. I draw on long car rides, during movies, during meetings and phone conversations. I get a second wind when everyone is asleep and when I finally rest my head on the pillow the world again emerges behind my eyes. Though my people look tired they have lots of energy as they are always running through my mind. Ahhh maybe that is why they are tired. Perhaps we both need a rest.


  1. wouldn't it make this much more simple to be able to switch off when required!
    these are beautiful {as always} ~ love how you've caught the tired look in the little one at the top!

  2. so hard to balance out life sometimes... totally relating/empathizing with this right now. I love, love the little one... and the expressions on both faces... very curious about the recurring patterned, veined? shapes in your painting here and previous paintings

  3. This is probably my favourite so far... I love the dog and the patterned rocks (if they are that...). What's its size?

  4. oh Aris, I love this last painting so much. I love that your characters look tired. Actually they don't look tired, they look melancholic. (sigh) I wish you would open a store... :)

  5. I LOVE your puppy eared folks SO MUCH!!!

  6. Thank you all!xoxo
    Esti, these recent paintings are 12x12 inches
    Nathalie I am working on it(: I'm a bit slow