Monday, February 15, 2010

I've been listening to The Amateur Marriage by Anne Tyler. She is so perceptive, so thoughtful and so honest about relationships. She tells what is underneath the pretty or whats happening inside that house that you stare at thinking........their lives must be perfect. She reminds you that you never really know what someone is thinking even if you share your days and years with them. Which is good. How safe to know every last bit of someone, but how dreadfully boring. And how arrogant to have secret thoughts and think that the person lying beside you doesn't have some of their own.
Thank you Kitty for the recommendation.


  1. Well put, Aris. This book is not very cheerful.. some of her works are happier. The lines you add to your work are exactly like hers..

  2. Those lines are roughly hers, I will never forget when Michael said, "it's been hell" My jaw dropped open and all at once I wanted to cheer and cry. Powerful.