Monday, February 22, 2010


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Back to the routine.
I am always wondering if I could stay home all of the time, if given the choice.


  1. Beautiful drawings! Hmmm, about the staying-at-home - in a way it is a privilege to be at home, but there are times that I miss working - not just the money, but the activity and feeling that I make a useful contribution. Freelancing from home sometimes feels like laziness to me - well, it is difficult to describe what I mean. Maybe if I had more freelance work I wouldn't feel like this. On the other hand, I know that if I had to start working full-time again I would HATE it.

  2. I vote for staying at home especially when you can produce the art that you do- OMG- the woman holding the little bird just about broke my heart!!!Your art is eternally memorable- a paycheck from the boss - not so much- though it pays the grocery bills...tough call but I vote for HOME!

  3. longing for a home.
    my home has morphed into a workshop.
    i get out into the real world to teach (un real) a couple of days a week.
    but love and long for home.
    looking for a new one, in my head.
    I think I'm glad I'm forced to go to work because I'd be in great danger of becoming a hermit otherwise and I don't think that's a desireable state of being.

    'eternally memorable' is such a great description of your work.

    if I had the luxury of choice i would HOME it, no question about it.

  4. First thing is first...I LOVE 15.

    hmmm...staying at home is a blessing on one hand...
    on the other, at least for me, I sometimes lack a sense of accomplishment. Its kinda similar to the way Anairam describes a feeling of laziness. Not being able to subsidize the family income is a big part of that. Seems that a lot of women are feeling this angst lately despite being 'homemakers' for their primary 'job'. Maybe its because it doesn't feel right to call being a mom and a wife a 'job' ? I guess I am realizing that its all about prioritizing and productivity... Its a tough balance. I am struggling with it and hoping my goals and schedules and (discipline (needs to get better)) will catch up with my aspirations... eventually. In short, there are definitely pros and cons to both sides and its all in what you make it I'm sure. :)

  5. well then, Home it is!!! Oh if it was that easy(:
    Thank you all for such nice thoughtful comments.
    LAuren thanks for stopping by!
    feedthedog I would probably be in danger of being a hermit too, I am very comfortable staying home and just going for walks to get out. Gina I know it is not all as easy as it sounds either way and you are so right all of it is what we make of it. I was thinking of you on 15 (;. LindaSue you make staying home sound fun, everything sounds fun with you, I can tell you are one of those really fun people with a contagious laugh, I bet. Anairam you remind me that there is always work to be done at home or work the interaction with people is really nice.
    Wow I am a little talkative tonight i;ll stop now(:

  6. Aris at home with Your lovely family, working with Your art of course!
    You´re on a mission You know, but I guess You know. These little people and their way of thinking. No one else is making this art, it comes through You, it´s Your eye, ear, nerve, mind, hand!

    They are lovely Your little people but they can´t bake, and You need bread ;)

    And, oh, how I wich that important people like You could just get payed for bringing knowledge to the world through art!!!

    for this I will today light a candle! :)