Friday, March 5, 2010

I do amuse myself.
So fun to see how it changes with each face.

The first, she's pretty sincere I think, and fun though certainly not the life of the party.

The second looks like she just heard someone say something that she is certain is about her and she might just turn back wildly clucking with amusement. (if she thought it funny) She thinks she's the life of the party.

And then third is too important to even let us a venture a guess. We are just lucky she came. Don't you know how important she is!

And the last ....... what do you think?


  1. your way of expression just kills me. in lines and words. lady number one is lost in her thoughts, maybe not that exciting to someone else but certainly there's a party going on in her own head. lady number two totally heard her name being bandied about. there's a psychological term for that - being able to hear your name instantly in a crowded room of chatter - but i don't know what it is. lady number three, i keep having to stop and retype because i burst out laughing every time i look at her, is someone we all know. yes, there is a lady number three in everyone's life. and lady number four is either a chronic worrier or puzzling over how to handle something ridiculous her child just did in public.

  2. fun!
    it's important to amuse yourself :)

  3. I like your interpretations! #3 is very funny - she reminds me of some of the ladies in the Serious Bookclub I used to belong to. #4 does look a bit anxious. Or maybe she is just thinking about the meaning of life?

  4. F U N ! ! !

    and I love the description of aimee:
    "puzzling over how to handle something ridiculous her child just did in public."

  5. the last one reminds of the "the thinker." very pensive - thinking of lots of really deep thoughts.

  6. this game is absolutely great!And it works so well with your work.

    I've played it with screen prints. I 've made a edition of screen prints without heads or faces. Then I've made a different drawing or watercolour on each of them. Maybe that could be a way for you to work too? That way you could keep all these fantastic options and expressions... I wouldn't like to see you leave one of them out!

  7. yes Aimee I think you've got it!!!!! And even further she is thinking where did she go wrong because surely this bad behavior is somehow her fault.......(: