Friday, March 19, 2010

minor characters

I make people.
Just minor characters.
That make small movements.
In simple spaces.
In a big story.


  1. and that is why i love them. usually the minor characters, the ones not clamoring for the spotlight, are the most interesting of all. i want to know the story behind every single person you draw!

  2. Ha ha! Did you take them on a walk or they went by themselves? I love their expression!

  3. oh, this is such a treat! love them all, but the two first made me smile: i'd love to go for a walk with any of your characters, talking about this and that, get to know them a bit :)

  4. The placement of the first character is delightful, minor characters are often the most intriguing.

  5. Really nice written, as the most things are that you wright

  6. love them. again. i wish i could write some stories for them to play.