Tuesday, March 2, 2010

moving on up

I am upstairs in the light! I should have done it long ago but I felt guilty taking over our sun porch. Actually, it is working out beautifully. I am sharing(good girl)Owen is painting over there right now and I have had such fun sharing the space with both of them. They get to make a mess and I get to work while enjoying them and the wonderful paintings that seem to flow freely from them. Maybe it will rub off on me.
I am working on a very little book.
Those birds well, they agree to disagree. (If you ask me they are just alike.)


  1. What a bright and cheerful space. The birds have a good tension between them, and the book has an appealing energy. Love it.

  2. your space looks so lovely and fresh. am so chuffed to see the ocean piece sitting up there where you work :)
    i too love how kids just paint and paint whithout too much anxiety!
    love your book + birds.

  3. what a beautiful work space. and it sounds like you guys are using it just right.
    your drawings are awesome - i really love everything you do :)

  4. How nice! Good for You to have so much light now! It looks great. Now Your work can move on when You´ve given it a better space/place!

    and that little book... :)
    Btw I love all those drawings You posted the other day, all the littles ones in the bag and the collaged face.

  5. my eyes don't know where to go - i love all of these images! but oh, i really can't tear myself from that last one. so close, yet so far apart. such stories your drawings tell without a single word!

  6. yes - the light seems to be very good. It helps so much...

    And disagreeing birds? Not fishes?

  7. what a cozy art space you have there! So neat to see all of your paintings in progress, not to mention having the privilege for mine to mingle in their company. I really like your idea of a book format you have here. It seems to emphasize what is so apparent already, that there is complexity and personality in each of your characters that makes you want to get to know and learn more about each one of them. Just by their facial expressions, they have so many stories to share I'm sure. the squabbling bird folk are hard for me to take seriously because they are so charming. :)

  8. wow! such a nice setting! love the white wood wall.