Thursday, April 22, 2010

seven things

Alexandra tagged me so here goes:
seven random things about me:
1. My best friend growing up was my Granny, some people just get you, she got me
2. I want to be a wonderful mother more than I want to be a wonderful artist
3. I talk to birds, insects, plants and trees
4. I love the smell and feel of warm soil
5. I think the world is full of magic
6. I worry too much.
7. I love to dance.


  1. nice!!!

    i talk to birds and other tiny creatures too. in fact i can't pass a robyn without saying "Hi Robin". :)

  2. You're taggin me? And on my favorite holiday too! You so crazy! And you are totally a wonderful mother AND an amzing artist

  3. I could just ditto all of your random things about you for myself, except the "worry" one- I don't do that so much. Seven random things of mine would not be particularly interesting I am afraid ...I might have to dig.
    Thanks for your thoughtful comment re: my dementia friend. So sad .

  4. oh - you shouldn't worry... (I also worry - mostly about money)

    I'm sure You're the bets of mothers;)

  5. I think being a wonderful mother goes hand in hand with being a wonderful artist. The kids will be given so much if their wonderful mother is ment to be an artist and does it wonderfully!
    and Aris You have a world full of magic in a world full of magic!
    Thanks for thinking about me :)
    I could place myself in nr2, 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7! But I will give You 7 new.

  6. Number two hit me right home! I love what you said about being a mum! That's how i feel really, just have some clouds in my head about some stuff...thanks for helping to hearing my own voice more clearly............

  7. so nice to find out a little bit more about you. i knew you were talking to insects. i just knew it!

  8. Really nice reading, thank you for scharing, I love the way you made the birdwoman, so nice and so caring, but also hard to catsh....
    I talk to trees...

  9. re: #1... it really is the best feeling when someone 'gets you' especially when they don't even have to try :)

  10. I do like your list. Interesting about the dancing - I wouldn't have thought it. I am not sure why! I like dancing too - but specifically tango dancing. Although I have given it up. For all kinds of complicated reasons. Number 6 I can really relate to - I worry about everything! Why I continue worrying I cannot say, as it is has never helped ...
    PS Thanks for tagging me. I'll try and fit in something this coming week. Or maybe the next one? Still in the middle of my Science editing project ... (I really admire people who can manage a job, kids and blogging!)

  11. I am the weekword deliverer this week, sign up on my blog if You want to join.

  12. so fun to read your 7 + thanks for tagging me.
    i worry like mad too. your number 2 is a good reminder for me as i often loose perspective {getting too wrapped up in my head at the expense of the boys}.
    will have a think :)