Sunday, May 16, 2010

sunday evening

bits and bobs from my sketchbook pocket.

I haven't much to share, It was a bit of an unproductive, slightly frustrating weekend. This week is going to be very busy, and I am hoping, productive. If anything fun should happen in between the busy I'll share, otherwise have a wonderful week and I will see you soon.
ps. don't forget Linda Sue will post the next weekword tomorrow.
Thanks to all who posted last week.


  1. lovely piece! i love the cut outs
    good luck with your week! mine better be productive as well.. if its not.... it will be a sad thing

  2. i love this!

    you should make stencils of your art and sell them in a book.

    i'd buy 'em xx


  3. good luck with your busy week :)

  4. Best of luck with your busy and productive week. I'm hoping for one of those too. By the way I really enjoyed some of your drawings over on birds and fishes. Cheers, Louise

  5. nice work!
    I love it.

  6. I want to live in your sketchbook pocket, with those gentle characters- I hope you play with word week - find some time to post-Sometimes when i am busy things fall into place better. I hope that your week does not undo you!

  7. ohh Aris, what a lovely piece!
    sketchbook bits, however you want to call it i really like the composition there :)

  8. Nice Aris, as always, so lovely pieces, and then you can move them around, all depens om whitch mood you or them are in,I like!!!
    Hope you´r having a good week, dont forget to relax somtimes, be nice to yourself!

  9. Hey Aris, I stole some time out of nowhere and spend it with You over a metaphysical cup of coffe! :)
    Hope You´re doing alright being all busy.

  10. thank you! Y'all are the best!

  11. i love this! i just stumbled on your work, it is beautiful. i love all of the layers in this one. love lucy.