Monday, June 7, 2010

I can only use one kind of sketchbook. I realized this when I went to the book store to find that they had none. They had many others to choose from, but my favorite is the Moleskin reporter plain page. I cannot stray. I paced a little bit asked if they had any out back and then looked through the others but I couldn't. I' d rather live without. So I ordered a couple and now that they are here I can draw again. I am much more relaxed when I have my sketchbook and when I am into a good book. I am reading A Gift From the Sea (recommended by a friend) and it is perfect for where I am at right now. I love it when that happens.
What are your art necessities, what are you reading?


  1. Beautiful work to see... they are so delicate and their expressions so tender.

    My necessities are a pair of small sharp scissors and quiet so that I can think.

  2. P.S. I am making my way through War and Peace.

  3. hi! Glad you are playing week word!

    Gift from the Sea sounds like a good read (I read the review on your link). N and I just took our trip to the library to fill up our book tote. We got a few tactile board books for him and 2 books for me-- Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver- and A World Without Bees by Allison Benjamin/Brian McCallum - I am probably fooling myself to think I will get through either of them without renewing and/or checking them out again, but I 'll try :)

    I have a huge problem with saying and thinking 'EVENTUALLY' when it comes to using the art stuff I have. - I might actually feel less overwhelmed and be able to breathe in the small space I have to play in if I put a lot of it away. Hopefully it will make things easier to be more productive in there. I figure I need something right between spacious and cozy to be able to allot time and allow myself to play = still trying to find the balance and cut the excuses. :) So when you ask about necessities, I have some prioritizing to do...

  4. I've never read "A Gift from the Sea," but I love Ann Morrow Lindbergh's journals. I checked them out from my local library one summer and they were wonderful.

  5. ADORE YOUR WORK! (sigh)...this morning I went to a drawing studio to draw a live model. I have never used charcoal the size of a large mars bar, the texture of crumbling figure looked, um, compromised mentally and physically...I did not have the right paper so the studio owner let me use her giant brown paper. It did loosen up my grip, I usually use a pencil- she said NO PENCILS EVER!
    A gift from the sea is one of my favorites of all time...just got another copy about two weeks ago.
    LOVE your work, have I told you lately?I LOVE your work.

  6. my necessities are:
    - my hair clasp (Once when I was painting I couldn´t find one, then I tried to tape my fringe!)
    - my kids.
    before the kids, it was an apple in the handbag.

    I´m reading:
    - about a favorite artist, Hilma af Klint.
    - "Just kids" by Patti Smith.
    - my old notes.

    I have a sketch/note book that is just like a pocket novel book. It´s kind of a dry, off white paper. I love it. But I must go check out those moleskin...

    And Your people, again huge stories!

  7. maybe You call what we call pocket book, paper back?

  8. beautiful as always! i like the details in the third one.

    I don't really have art necessities. I like to experiment to try different approaches and materials. i'm more crafty then artsy :)

    I'm currently reading a french quebecois novel, Comment devenir un monstre (how to become a monster) by Jean Barbe. Interesting even if i don't really like the writing style. It's about how war and violence changes someone.

  9. i love that you paced, trying to decide whether you could break with your mainstay moleskine. hey, sometimes we just have to have what we have to have. but it's the pits when we want it RIGHT THAT VERY MOMENT and can't have it!

    the gift from the sea sounds wonderful... i will check it out! right now i'm reading the first volume of The Tale of Genji.

  10. Necessities - micron pens, primsa pens, scanner, photoshop, my chair and computer.

    Reading now - Just picked up That Hideous Strength by C.S. Lewis. It's the third in his Space Triology and the other two were awesome. It's been on my to-read list for a long time.

    Gift from the Sea is an amazing book. Read it sitting on a North Carolina beach a few years ago. Enjoy! B.

    PS. Love your sketches - beautiful.