Monday, August 9, 2010

drawings from the drive

Spent the weekend in New York. Visited the Guggenheim and the MOMA. I am thankful that I can draw and read in the car, otherwise I am horrible at sitting still for long drives. Saw the Picasso exhibit(along with a gazillion other people) it was really interesting to see his process and so many works on paper. I also saw an interesting exhibit of Women in Photography and I was surprised that I was more moved by the photographs than many of the paintings. Would have loved to visit galleries, but it was the weekend, I will have to plan another trip soon.
Some of the best time was spent people watching people in central park and listening to music, The Dirty Urchins were playing under the trees and we sat with our coffees and life was all good.


  1. happy times and happy drawings. It all makes me smile.

  2. wow. This sounds magical to me in little ole New Zealand. :D

  3. lucky you, that you can draw in the car. i get car sick.

    funny you mention how the photos moved you. there's something very photographic about your art work. the people you draw often make me think of old style family photos or portraits. you present your people in a very photographic style.

    xo trine