Sunday, August 1, 2010

sunday morning

I am loving painting over people and having them disappear and then reemerge. It seems to make them truer when they come back each time and then at the same time less true. Like a word that you say over and over again. In one way it becomes more powerful and then in the other it loses its meaning.
So that you can picture: my studio is a mess, and my cat Ryman is sleeping on the edge of the keyboard basking in the sun and my family is ready to go swimming.
Here goes.


  1. These Sunday people pictures have a warm and happy ambience to them. They emanate closeness and love. We paint what we know?

  2. messy studio is such a GOOD thing! I do not trust tidy studios...Swimming- also a good thing!

  3. you reworked on your laughing ladies a lot. I like it! i also like the colors you chose. love the hands on the first image. and i agree, the layers give more depth to the expression of your characters.

  4. i love the laughing ladies.

    makes you wanna smile ;)