Wednesday, September 22, 2010

still wednesday

I met with my advisor last week. Her name is Evelyn Rydz. She has a show at the ICA that I am really eager to see.
It is such a gift to have someone to talk about your work with you. It always leaves me inspired, excited and overwhelmed with ideas. She gives me lists of artists to research, things to think about and a long to do list. Right now I am doing these studies to develop four to six drawings that are to be hung together and have some sort of conversation although they may not be directly related or explicitly narrative. I am to only work in black and white. I will slow down and really compose the drawings. I love to draw small movements, simple gestures, and moments that seem relatively unmonumental. Now I am listening to the story that they tell. Why do I do what I do? What am I trying to say?
I was thinking back to my childhood drawings and they were often characters, one in particular with a funny shaped head, kind of monkey ears and a really strained smile. I drew them over and over again. They were usually alone. When I was a kid I thought of all of my figures as boys. When I grew up I hoped I would be a boy. Now most of my characters are women. Funny how things change, and how they don't.


  1. You are right, it is a gift to have an opportunity to discuss your work with someone. Others see things that you may overlook, and the ideas start flowing. Exciting times, wishing you all the best. Love your drawings!

  2. Love your drawings, So expressive. congratulations on working on your MFA - thats so exciting. I envy you -to have someone talk about your work and inspire is so wonderful.Enjoy your MFA time.