Thursday, October 14, 2010

Today the drawings just came. I like how loose they are and how quick they came. When they come quick they feel true. Now I am thinking of them in color. I did a painting a couple of weeks ago that I keep looking at and I still like it. That is rare for me. I like that the pencil lines are still there and the painting was quick, not labored over. I have a hard time liking a painting that I have struggled with. Usually I struggle because I am making it to tight and to much about shapes. I like my paintings much better when the line retains the importance. I find myself always thinking of two paintings, Arshille Gorky's portait of him and his mother and The Piano Lesson by Matisse. I am always thinking of these two paintings. For years. It is funny how paintings can get stuck in your head like a song.

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