Sunday, February 13, 2011


My advisor suggested that I work with a collage as a means of taking a break from my characters and using found imagery to expand my vocabulary. Collage, because it is (supposed to be) a quick way to explore new ideas by simply placing found images together is a great way to develop ideas and, he suggested that using found imagery and things that exist in culture may make my characters less precious. While I think it is a great idea, it is one that I am struggling with. So here's my start, hopefully I will have an epiphany soon and things will start coming together. PS i realize that I am not really taking a break from my people, I'll work on that too, somehow.


  1. it looks fun! but I understand the awkward feeling, to push yourself somewhere in to a new kind of invisible place...
    but, Ah, how exciting!
    Now maybe I have to try find these invisible places near me as well. Thanks for the inspiration Aris!

  2. I love these collages - Hannah Hoch-esque=) keep 'em coming...