Monday, April 25, 2011


Had a great meeting with my mentor. She is so thoughtful, so giving and her take is so spot on.
These are part of a new series. I am working on incorporating text. These are actually a bit larger but were cropped by my scanner. It's funny writing feels so exposed like singing, where drawing feels much more safe. I think it will be a good test for me to expose a few drawings with text. I have been avoiding it, thought it has been encouraged. I felt like it would lock the images into one meaning. Seeing the Edward Gorey show made me rethink that, of course he is the master of text, image and wit. While I am in school I don't want to say no to trying anything. I am trying to avoid everything that feels too comfortable, trying to surprise myself. I am waiting for a moment when I look at something I have made and it's wonderfully unfamiliar and yet exactly what I wanted.


  1. Good for you! Keep us up to date every time you try something outside your comfort zone. Have fun!