Monday, May 2, 2011


I am starting to notice my pattern... A good drawing day comes after a finished paper, the endless possibilities last for a few days and then inevitably the empty days return. Of course I only realize this now after finishing my last paper for the semester. How I love good drawing days and how much I appreciate them knowing that they are fleeting.


  1. I can not thank you enough for this post! I had a difficult day painting in my studio today and your words reminded me that there will be another good day! Beautiful drawings. I really love your work!

  2. I love it all, but especially the second drawing. I love that it's off-centered.
    Have a good day Aris!

  3. They keep getting more wonderful, Aris.
    If you do more w/ captions, and I mean this in the best way, truly: you should submit to the New Yorker while they're still in print. 'Cause that one strikes such a unique tone & I can so easily see it on the page.

  4. Thank you all. Jeff I would have never thought of that, but I am honored that you think they are worthy!