Monday, July 4, 2011

monday evening

I am back from my residency. Filled with generous observations and ideas from my colleagues and professors. Ready to hit it. The hardest part of being away is being excited constantly and not being able to work. Now I can let all of the excitement seep out and after giving my studio a fresh clean, my late nights can begin once again. I will also try to take photographs of my portraits, they are getting larger and are cropped by the scanner. I am going to try to write more this term as I begin thinking about my eventual thesis....... I write this so that I will actually do it not because my writing will be terribly interesting.


  1. Good luck! Sounds like you have some amazing inspiration just waiting to come out. Looking forward to seeing your new work!

  2. yay!! sounds like it has been excellent.
    this piece is amazing :)

  3. Wow. There has definitely been a shift in your work. A little more human/a little less spooky; and the large scale "in your face" is so engaging. Yes, that's it...the subjects are more engaging, but just as intriguing as ever. Intriguing and exciting to witness the evolution of an artist.

  4. Dang. You _have_ hit it already. I'm still cleaning...
    don't forget to find a nice accountant this summer ;>)

  5. Thanks all for your comments.
    Louiciao, I am not trying to be less spooky so I will have to think about that. The human/nonhuman is something I am always playing with, so nice and helpful to hear your take.
    And Jeff I haven't quite hit it yet, but I am really trying to get back in gear! I am saving my receipts(: