Friday, September 30, 2011


A few drawings I am working on. I keep thinking about trying to get messier, to reference drawing more, but I am still too controlling............ the more I think about it the more controlled I become. Referencing magazine hair has definitely made them seem more like they could exist now, a little less nostalgic. My students see them and laugh especially when they ask who it is and I say, faking seriousness, that it is my sister.(sorry Lisa!) They pause uncomfortable, realize I am joking and laugh and tell me how strange I am. "You should give them a chin Mrs. Moore, where is her neck?" and "She needs more hair" Yes indeed, they know just what they would need to be pretty. Middle school girls are experts on pretty.


  1. Before I read your posting I thought to myself....hey, these are getting a bit messy looking! You may not feel it but I can see it.