Wednesday, January 4, 2012


I am off to Boston tomorrow for my fourth residency. Only one more after this. Looking forward to being immersed and seeing great work, having great conversations and staying with two of my favorite women and artists. And what a nice surprise tonight, when all of the jitters are starting, to be featured on The Jealous Curator! If you have not yet seen her blog take a peek, but I must warn you you'll get hooked and find yourself there each day for more great work described and presented by the very sharp and witty Danielle. Thank you JC.
Ps these are few snippets for an animation I wish I knew how to make.


  1. I found you thanks to the jealous curator, and i´m certainly jealous yes i am.

  2. All the best with your residency, and congrats with being noticed by The Jealous Curator - she's a legend! I'm sure if you ask around you'll find someone to help you animate. Love the images by the way.