Sunday, March 11, 2012


A picture of two of my best friends and favorite artists, at my first group show at the Jack Hanley Gallery in NYC.
I have been bad about posting lately, I have been busy moving, thinking about my thesis and trying to get sorted. I am sitting in my empty living room, on a fold up camping chair from a friend, (I will get a couch someday), but I feel settled and ready to work and write. Today also happens to be my 37th birthday... so 37, a camping chair, my very own apartment, my children sleeping sweetly in their room, sun coming through the window....... It doesn't get better than this.
Also a picture of a drawing, from the show, that I never posted.


  1. this drawing is wonderful .... the wall of your work looks amazing
    I wish you a VERY Happy Birthday !!!

  2. Happy Birthday (belated). Congratulations on your show. I like the way the work is hung. Love the drawing.

  3. Happy Birthday to you! The sneaky look in the girl's eyes makes me laugh but I must admit to feeling like I want to smack her hand!