Monday, July 9, 2012

This is a series of drawings that I worked on during my last and final residency at the Art Institute of Boston. I was fortunate to take a class on photography and painting with painter Peter Rostovsky. I was grateful to get to spend hours drawing. It feels different drawing now without my thesis etc. weighing me down. And now it's summer and I feel lucky to get to just be a mom and at the end of long summer days retreat into my little studio in front of the window.


  1. Congratulations for all the hard work you've done and on finishing your thesis! I hope you have a wonderful summer full of family love.

  2. Hiya Aris. That MFA degree looks good on you! I'm looking forward to seeing your show in Sept. We need a solid GBTU turnout- don't be shy about harassing everyone with postcards and emails.