Thursday, April 16, 2009


A finished painting. I wish it was four up close paintings. It seems there is too much happening, I might like it better in pieces. What do you think? I used to have a hard time with color, I liked it but always felt it was kind of superfluous, maybe too beautiful, too showy. We have a better relationship now, but it must remember its place.


  1. this is one painting? i'd love to see them all together - they really do look like four separate ones. i so wish i could draw like this, but i can't, so i'll keep coming back to look at your lovely paintings!

  2. Hi Aimee! Sorry I confused you, the top one is one painting the others are just drawings. I wrote it a bit confusing. I was just saying I wish the painting was four separate simpler pieces as it feels a little too complicated for me and I feel like the subtleties are a little lost.

  3. I don't think it's too complex; I think it's just complex enough to give your eye something to taste for a long time. I love the colors; the blue is gorgeous.

    I didn't know your e-mail so I thought I'd contact you here. It's possibly going to be really cold on Sunday, so be sure to dress appropriately: thick warm coat, hat, mittens, and warm pants. No flip flops. Feet-warming shoes. :)


  4. Nice paintings or are they drawings?

  5. Hi Agaba,The top one is a painting and the bottom three are drawings. Thanks for visiting!

    MBC can't wait until tomorrow morning!!!!