Saturday, April 18, 2009


A drawing that my 3(soon to be 4) year old son and I did together in my sketchbook.
A sketchbook page.


  1. isn't it great when the little ones get old enough to doodle in the sketchbook? my two-almost-three year old, i have to say, is rather an impediment to journal time right now but my six year old is perfect for it - we can go to a cafe now, have a bite to eat and doodle in our journals together.

    p.s. there is plenty of chaos here and i do sense some clarity peeking through it :)

  2. it's gorgeous.
    i love your work, am glad to have discovered your blog too. thanks so much for your visit and comment.
    am off to do some drawing/painting with my 4yr old son now :)