Monday, April 20, 2009

playing blocks


  1. So, so pretty. Your drawings fit perfectly in this format/material.
    (may I ask) what kinda wood blocks have you used? I have been drawing on some lately, but I'm still a bit shy about the outcome. i guess eventually I'll get better at it.

  2. thanks Esti. These are old children's blocks that I found at the fleamarket. I am excited for the possibilities.

  3. i never thought about painting on blocks but what perfect little canvases for your beautiful drawings!

    your thoughts about clarity coming from chaos are still sitting with me. that was so insightful.

  4. So cool! I feel like I was there when they were imagined! :D These would look incredibly lined up in a bookshelf, so they could be rearranged at will.

    I saw this Etsy shop and thought of you. Reminds me of the bird images I scanned from your students.

    Hey... BIRD BLOCKS! What about that?