Thursday, December 10, 2009


Here it is, my very first giveaway. It is a tiny 3 inch wooden block (playskool to be precise) that has four paintings on its sides, two are pictured here two are a surprise. All you need to do is leave a comment on this post letting me know what work of mine you would like to see in a shop if say, I had one. Please leave comments by next Thursday December 17 and I will draw a name and reveal the winner next Friday night.

And the winner is Anairam!!!!! Congratulations!!!! Thank you all for such nice comments! Anairam if you will email me your address I will send this little block to it s new home.


  1. oooh a giveaway! I would love to see you open a shop :)

    I totally love your paintings from July 24 - I don't know what they're called. But, I like the "lessons" also. I can't decide.... ;)

  2. does this mean you're opening a shop?! there is no way i could pick one work, aris, no way. i love everything you do.

  3. I can´t choose. You´re doing great art it would really fit into a gallery. Your art is so sensitive Aris, please listen to it before You put them into any shop among differnet things. They need space, as small as they are. But in the right place... oh, it would be great. I think You know what I mean and I´m sure You´re on the right track.
    By the way, have You thought about to enlarge some of Your paintings and lets see, make a wall in some public building!!!

  4. I can't choose either.
    I love the subtleness of your pencil sketches.
    Your imagery is so emotive. It is really memorable and something I have always admired!
    Please open shop!

  5. I'm the same, I love all your work. But I think you know I hve a little something for your paintings on wood.

  6. oh, I am so sorry, came here through nathalie just to have a look, but many of your drawings and paintings are so true and touching - you have a world of your, personal, but not detached from reality at all
    sorry, I can't choose in a while, it takes time, they are too many and good!
    the wooden block is very nice and appealing

    best compliments from italia /c

  7. hi!
    that's such a nice idea, i would love to get your little giveaway!
    and i would like to see the beautiful ladies you posted on march 5th in a shop, maybe as a print?!
    have a great advent!

  8. am so excited that you are opening a shop ;)
    have been looking through your work and agree with these comments ~ you can't go wrong.

    i particularly love the stories you post with your work ~ it's like the work and the stories are inseparable and it's also like visiting you personally :)

    will let you know my favourites ~ do you have your work on flickr?

  9. Oh, I LOVE your paintings - have since I discovered them, and always will. I can't choose a specific work - but I love all your beautiful gentle animal people - the paintings on wood, also the collages. If you have a shop maybe you can also keep prints and postcards of them?

  10. I love the three dimensional effect of your collages plus they incorporate your painting and drawing so I think that I hit on all three! Love your work no matter what form it takes- The block idea is especially cool - so, go ahead- open a shop everything and everyone will be there- happy!

  11. I love the set from Tuesday September 22. Sketch with collage. They are exquisite to me but I also think they'd be gobbled up if you opened a shop. So get yourself a good scanner and printer so you make many many...xo

  12. Oh, I commented yesterday and I don't know where y comment went...
    Anyway, whatever character embracing his/herself touches something inside me that I can't explain. That and those hues you use. Love the wooden blocks too. They have a vintage feel, like they own a story. Ah, forgot to say I love them noses on your characters too :)

  13. It was very tough for me to narrow down my favorites. I love the photographs of A&O because I love them and Winslow is such a looker, he almost took the prize. But in the end, I think my favorite was one of your early postings, from March 23. The series with the woman and the string. It is one of your many works that seems to be an expression of how I feel in the day to day rush of being a woman and a mother.