Monday, December 14, 2009


She realized now that it was different than she remembered.

I am, from now on, going to try to post each day. I am writing this so I will actually do it. I am writing this small in case I don't.(:

And thank you to all who have left comments for the giveaway. Your comments are so thoughtful, that you took the time and what you've said, I am so grateful. When the doubt comes creeping I will read your words. Thank you.


  1. YOU ARE SO MUCH FUN ARIS, I´m writing this in big letters so You know that I mean it. :)

  2. her looks are exactly as described. Beautiful!

  3. Hannah YOU ARE TOO(: and a PS you have really left me thinking with your comment on the giveaway post. I appreciate your thoughts/advice. These are things I am always thinking about/struggling with. Thank you!
    Thanks Nathalie!