Tuesday, December 15, 2009


She would always be remembered for her kindness

her....... not so much


  1. are these more paintings on wood? they're spectacular - and the captions equally so!

  2. Appearances - they can deceive sometimes, though. The second one looks sulky and moody, and yet ... and yet ... Something happened, I believe. I think she is usually kind, like the first one, but people have abused her kindness, and taken it for granted, and not responded in kind, and have done her an injustice, just a little thing, but undeserved. Maybe a nasty comment, or an unsaid thank you, or ignoring her input. And so today she is a bit sad, pouting her mouth a little when she realises that kindness does not always beget kindness.

  3. thanks Nathalie and Aimee! Yes more paintings on wood. I am loving painting lately.
    Ainaram YES!!!!beautifully written.