Friday, January 22, 2010


Yesterday I came home to these beauties. Two prints and the last is an original from my Australian friend Belinda. Her work is so subtle, so sensitive, so beautiful. Even more beautiful in person to see all of the marks her hands have made. Thank you Belinda you brightened my day, and many days as I will always enjoy looking at them.


  1. These are beautiful, I enjoyed visiting her site.

  2. very beautiful indeed!
    i saw on jealous curator the wonderful news about the magazine. you must be very excited! congratulations. you deserve it!

  3. Thanks NAthalie! I am very excited! I didn't share because I was waiting until it comes out (didn't want to jinx it) (:

  4. what? I must rush right away to the jealous one to find out...!
    I love the small dots with text in these pieces above. And that they are so still.