Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sunday Afternoon

Two new block paintings that I am working on.

A couple of nice long walks this weekend have left me excited to paint. Perhaps tonight when the house is quiet.


  1. nothing like a long walk to clear your head for creativity. these are both really lovely aris. the photos too. I struggle with photographing my work.

  2. Oh, paint, dear Aris, paint!! Your work is amazing and every day I look at my block and love it more and more. Yes, walks are great for body and soul - we took Snous for a walk up the mountain this morning - her favourite place ...

  3. nice choice of colours.
    I want to go into the head of all Your little characters.
    What do You call them? People, figures, animalpeople...? Are they named? Do they have stories that You know about? And if so, are the stories with or without words?

  4. I am excited to see what you paint! I love your color!

  5. I am especially fond of the one in the poka dot dress, LOVE love!!! She looks like a thoughtful, pensive, deep mother with some wisdom between those pup ears! Love you work so much.

  6. Thank you all (:
    Inner toddler the best way that I have found is inside early afternoon on white paper near a window but with no light shining right on it. When I work hard at it and set up lights they come out awful. so really luck, luck is the key(: