Monday, February 8, 2010

I now have a printer.
I'm working on opening a shop.
I am excited and then
I get overwhelmed and then two sick kids call waking up from a nap and then I lose my train of thought.
Have a lovely Monday.


  1. Ooh these are very nice! Keep on track! Have a great week.

  2. A shop - fantastic! Keep at it, despite all the distractions and temporary problems, it will all come together soon!

  3. i. am. beside. myself.
    with the anticipation of you opening a shop.
    those prints.
    those ceramics.
    my heart is beating faster.
    you are my find for the year (even though it's just begun).

  4. how exciting! your photos are looking gorgeous ~ really love the shadows :)
    and the prints ~ love!

  5. I'm very excited for you Aris. the prints looks so crisp and I want to snuggle with your sculptures. They look so cozy :)

  6. yay!! i am thrilled! the prints look super! sorry about the sick ones - why does that always happen when one is on the verge of something fabulous like this!

  7. Finally! Yay!!! Love the ceramics too!!!

  8. yay! you're opening a shop! that is such great news :)

    (and yes, sick children tend to pop up at bad times, but it'll pass and you'll go on)

  9. Those ceramics are great. They look like textile?! Your small universe of people and figures are walking out of two-dimensional and taking place in the spatial dimension, yay!