Tuesday, February 9, 2010

where to now?

I am a bit beyond frustrated.
I cannot access etsy for some strange reason, and yes I realize it is just me.
So that my computer does not land on the front lawn I am making the wise choice to shop elsewhere for my shop. Any ideas?
Its funny since I was little, so forever really, things that are just supposed to be simple have been difficult for me. Some things that are supposed to be difficult have also been very easy so I am certainly not complaining.
Thanks for listening and for suggestions.


  1. sorry to hear you're having problems with etsy, but it's certainly not the only place for selling.

    zibbet and big cartel are two I know of and have visited .. pretty sure they are both global online shops.

    good luck .. hold on to your computer, front lawn not a good place for it.

  2. oh no! Sorry to hear about that. I hope you'll find a way to fix it.
    Yes, Big Cartel is another place you can sell online but I think they have higher fees than Etsy.
    If I can help you, let me know via email.
    Good luck!

  3. 1000markets.com
    what's wrong with etsy?
    Do you live in a treehouse or something?
    If I'm annoyed, then you must be very annoyed.

  4. so, you cannot get to their page at all, as in, you cannot even contact their support?

    weird! lots of people are using big cartel. not sure about fees. good luck.

  5. oh, Aris I so totaly understand You. It´s a real feat to go from mind to action in this case, and then when it doesn´t work. Gaaaah!

    Please don´t give up!

  6. you guys are the best!
    Ha! No Susie I do not live in a treehouse, but that would be nice! For some reason when I try to access etsy it just scrolls and then says that time ran out that the server is too slow. I've tried everything! I've written etsy. It is just so strange because it is only that page. I hate to be superstitious but it leaves me thinking, is someone trying to tell me something????

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  9. I was too quick! I checked up on bigcartel, I love it, it looks great, but it is only free when you have up to 5 products. A good way to start! But a montly fee of 19.99 for up to 100 products adds up..

  10. i was going to say big cartel too ~ i see lots of people with an etsy shop have a second shop at big cartel ~ i think there are no fees there.

    don't let this put u off opening a shop.

    love your drawing ~ and completely relate to your scenario! maybe it's just having a different kind of brain. if you have it too, then i feel ok :)

  11. http://web.mac.com/jch200/art/AvailableArt/AvailableArt.html

    This blogger/artist has a neat shop but you just have to send him an email and he'll accept paypal.. may be that is the simplest way.

  12. SO I joined bigcartel and went to design my shop and when I went to save changes guess what happened it scrolled once again and the session timed out! I surrender!!! NOt really I am going to figure this out somehow someway! I am learning more than I ever wanted to know about computers! Thanks Everybody for your encouragement and Kitty I so appreciate all of your suggestions, thanks for being so helpful xo

  13. I think this is just a test to make sure that you persist! In your face technical difficulties! We are all routing for you Aris!