Wednesday, March 24, 2010

let it go.

These appeared in my sketchbook this week, You know those drawings that surprise you when you look back because you barely remember creating them. I probably created them while thinking about a couple of projects and what I will show for grad school. I am feeling a bit panicked, drawing madly, nothing good, thinking too much and now I think I'll drop it all and enjoy my way through this rainy day.
Perhaps you can drop some things as well.
Hope it is sunny where you are.


  1. I like the sketches very much Thank you for the link, most interesting.
    It is cold and damp here, but I don't mind. A good day to spend time in the studio. Enjoy your day.

  2. it turns out your drawings are one of the few things that have shone today. Sun is being shy lately.

  3. The sun was here today, sorry to everyone who didn't see it. We must have hogged it all day. overwhelmed today too so I dropped my laundry off the list... felt good. thanks for the suggestion. I hope you have found some peace of mind yourself. Looks like you were juggling a heavy load there. Some quiet time away from all of those crazy colorful balls you are lugging around sounds like a good idea :) Easier said than done when you are restless right? I'm right there with you on that.
    Kate Russo's drawings reminded me a little of the Sol LeWitt exhibition I saw at Mass MOCA. Here is the link-
    It was pretty amazing to walk through and see the walls themselves fully covered in drawings.

  4. interesting drawings considering your state of mind. beautiful too.
    sun is shining right now but i woke up to snow yesterday morning.

  5. Thanks Esti.
    Gina I thought of Sol LEwitt too, only more feminine, How wonderful that you saw that show. Lucky the balls that I'm dropping bounce(: and yes they are colorful and for the most part I am happy to carry them.
    I should never complain to have my arms full. (:
    Nathalie, hopefully that will be the last snow, the way the birds are singing I think we may have a lovely Spring!

  6. What a perfect post! I am letting stuff go and like your drawing feel like I can use my arms a little bit better...LOVE your work as always.

  7. Love, love, LOVE the drawings with the coloured balls! Sometimes my life feels like that - juggle, juggle, juggle, and then I drop the balls, and sadly they are usually not beautiful and brightly coloured balls like yours. They are kind of greyish - different shades, though. Well,I guess grey is a colour too...