Thursday, April 29, 2010

a bird in the hand

I am off to work.
quick quick quick.
I am running late.
Probably because I was watching the mourning doves sing to each other in the back yard.
It is hard to go inside in spring.
Even when I am inside I am looking out.


  1. maybe outside is the new inside when it comes to spring.

    btw I try to make my son play doctors without borders everytime he wants to play war :)

  2. WOW...all of these should be in your shop! (if you are willing to sell them that is) I love all three.

  3. I have to take a deep breath before clicking onto your blog- I have to prepare myself to be smacked in my center, in a good way, by your art, your deep feeling expressions create such empathy. I can almost feel the tiny hearts of birds beating warmly in my palms, and then I realize its my own pulse...I feel so connected to your art. ...LOVE love LOVE!

  4. These bird pieces are beautiful :)