Monday, April 26, 2010


So here it is the difference between little boys and little girls:
(no not that)
August says the little colored dots are thoughts coming out of the gooses head and Owen says the dots are someone shooting at him.
As far as nature versus nurture, I think nature.
Oh and the last picture August says flowers dancing in the wind, Owen says it is a war.


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  2. any meaning behind the numbers?

    i'm curious.


  3. i'm laughing too hard to even put together a response! that is priceless. make sure you print out this post and save it!

  4. i was just wondering the same about the numbers!

  5. I thought the numbers were the date? Today is the 26th, and so 26, right? Seems that way for all the other numbers coinciding with the date....

    Sublime goose Aris! :) His neck feathers look so soft.

  6. your'e right Gina the numbers are the date and yes rectangle pupils are fascinating, I also love how far apart their eyes are it makes them look really innocent.

  7. little boys are so surprising like this ~ i had no idea that it was just in boys! hoping it's something that nurturing can help :)
    i love your this group of drawings, especially the goose.

  8. can't stop laughing.
    it's just so true. boys / girls .. not a thing you can about it.

    these drawings are just ......
    yep, struggle to find that perfect, original word ...
    no real words accurately describe your marks on paper.
    just suck them in with my eyes.

    yummy, beautiful. (not real words).

  9. Yes, it´s totaly clear, there is a differnce whether we like it or not. Strange.
    I´m gonna ask my kids when they come home what they see in these pictures. (a boy and a girl)

    The goose - sigh, it´s lovely!

  10. well, that is a relief - my friends with daughters always thought that my boy was just a it turns out- during puberty the girls were the worst little balls of firey hormones and the boys held steady.Still thoughts of war, killing the bad guys, linger in their horrid video games.
    Your art- sigh-does it to me every time- RAPTURE!

  11. this is too cute and so funny!

    i am not sure what my boys would say, i am very tempted to ask them when they get home - just to test that "nature vs nurture" thing :)

  12. and thank you so very much for your comment. it was very thoughtful and wise. i really appreciated that.

  13. ok, my boy who is 4,5 says that the dots above the goose are sunshine. My girl who is 2 years then says that the goose is the sun. Then my boy reply that the dots now are pieces of trees in the woods.
    The dots above the talking ladies are snowflakes, really big ones.
    And the flowers, well they are just many flowers both of them says. :)

  14. So interesting Hanna. I bet Swedish children are more peaceful(:

  15. priceless. As Aimée wrote - save those images together with your words!

    but my son (5 years old) could have said that about the thoughts and flowers. I will check with him tomorrow (he's asleep now). I'll be back.