Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I am off to plant seeds.


  1. you are off to plants seeds- you are off to be AWESOME! Again...

  2. seedplanting, its so nice, all the planning, all the thoughts, all the hope I love it, 75 % of my time i work as a gardener and the other time as a ceramicer so I almost work with soil all the time. Right now its verry much cutting in trees, mostly branches that are dead. trees are my family, they are so close to me, specially now when there are no leavs!
    Rigt now all over the world are people putting seeds in the soil to transform their dreams, nice thinking. Thank you for sharing ypu plans with us!

  3. Planting seeds, SO nice and yes Keramikern so full of hope. What you do sounds wonderful I love your writing and the images that I have of your world, it sounds beautiful. I really look forward to your blog when you get there. in the meantime thanks so much for all of your visits and words.
    Linda Sue you are AWESOME!

  4. Aris, the top one... 11, I have no words to express my feelings when looking at and into that piece.