Monday, April 12, 2010

morning song

I woke up early,
but not before the birds.
they all sang beautifully and then I heard the gobbling of a bunch of wild turkeys.
I laughed out loud and joined the morning song.
There is always room for one more turkey.
Happy Monday!


  1. i'm sure i would have laughed too!
    happy week to you Aris!

  2. Your figures have weight- love how they sink into one another- how you do that- beyond me but it is most fabulous-I feel their weight and warmth.
    I think that my cockatiel would join with the turkeys not the lyrical chirpy birds. He is capable of singing a lovely tune but mostly NOT!

  3. Hello Aris! Our dogs are barking at the wild turkeys here in the backyard! They can be so loud!
    Thinking of you and hope all is well!

  4. Sounds lovely with wild turkeys, our neibour has 1! and he is really wild,giggeling all evning, por man guess he calling for a sheturkey, now in spring time and all:-)
    but we live rather near a lake were he crane birds rest on, during the weekend there were around 11 thousends of them, and almost the same nomberus of people.
    The couple on to days post, are the humming the same tune...
    Have a good week

  5. and such a talented turkey you are! this drawing is amazing!