Tuesday, April 6, 2010


The happy families card game is now complete and for sale on Esti's blog. It looks wonderful! Now 32 different characters from eight different artists from all over the world are mingling in a beautiful box designed by, Jorge Fernández. Such fun.

Thank you Esti for a wonderful idea carried through beautifully from start to finish and all to support Doctors Without Borders.

the artists that participated are:
Thereza Rowe, Sarajo Frieden, Lotte Andkilde, Lady Desidia, Pintameldia, Alexandra Hedberg, and Kimberly Laurenti.


  1. i adore these cards & just gmailed esti for an order! thank you for the inspiration & love your work!! xo

  2. SO cool! Of course I love yours the best!

  3. these are beautiful and such a brilliant idea.
    have just bought 2 packs.

  4. they look gorgeous, such a lovely idea.

    thanks for your comments. love your collaboration with august from an earlier post too 8)

  5. Aris, I'm happy to have you in this project. I think I couldn't have counted with better artists, better souls. I'm very happy with the outcome and wish you like them as much as I do.