Tuesday, April 6, 2010

the middle

Seeing the old
watching their struggles and their peace.
Wondering what it feels like to be closer to the end.
Seeing the young explore, discover, enjoy
trying to remember the beginning.
Full of wonder.
Sitting in the middle
of loud and quiet.
smooth and wrinkled.
And feeling sad and happy all at once.

Very excited that August and I were featured on the Jealous Curator.
Discovered Art Hound and got lost there for quite sometime and I fell in love with the work of Amanda Blake, both thanks again to my favorite curator.


  1. I have to quickly comment and then go back to feeling what your art does to me- can't do both at the same time...my friend is in the late stages of Parkinsons and dementia- your drawing are so HIM. I see him in nearly all of them...especially the guy holding the red ball from previous post. I see innocence and sincerity. I see that which makes me want to cradle and protect. Your figures are awesome that way- bringing humanity to the fore- loving all- Just awesome- now I have to go- I am overwhelmed again...

  2. I can only bow and agree with that LS is wrighting, The drawing that says We miss... is so good, thank you for letting us se!
    The line: Watching the elder struggles and their pease, is something I think of a lot, love to se older peoples faces, hands and to hear them speak, I always get sad when I look at pictures of mom and dad, granma and pa to se them when they were youg, to se the light in their eys, the beliv of life, their struggle for getting a good life, dad is now 84 and mom soon 80

  3. wow. Linda Sue a good friend of mine has alzheimers and is losing her independence. She is a bright part of my days and I am so sad to see her struggle. Innocence and sincerity. yes. I love that you see what I see.
    And Keramikern too. Watching the people that are our strength become fragile and their gaze seem so far away, they leave us slowly and we know that they were us and we are them and it hurts but it is a beautiful hurt because we are grateful to have truly loved.

  4. it´s so interesting with the diffuse drawings that show from the backside of the paper. It gives extra dimensions.
    and, thanks, I´m now also in love with Amanda Blakes work. :)
    Have a lovely April-thursday!
    btw is the piece "heading home" sold out?

  5. your words and lines are so moving, aris. they make me stop in the middle (so to speak) of my frenzied moments and think about what is really important, what is really happening around us. such a gift you have.

  6. i come here every day and this post leaves me speechless. i think you've said it all...
    beautiful as always

  7. thank you - a beautiful post. i'm with aimee: such a gift you have.

  8. i forgot to mention: congrats on the feature on the jealous curator. funny that you mention amanda blake - i saw some of her stuff a while back and there was something about the atmosphere that reminded me of your work :)

  9. Yes, feeling sad and happy all at the one time and wondering what it feels like to get closer to the end... I have been mulling over similar of late. Your drawings are beautiful and inspiring and so tenderly drawn.

  10. That you visit here is enough and then your words make my day. They mean so much. thank you.

    Hanna heading home is still available on big cartel.(: