Monday, May 31, 2010


I missed last weeks weekword. I missed last week! I spent this long weekend digging in the dirt, going to sleep early getting up a little later, making smores, watching parades, watching the kids run through the sprinkler. It was perfect.


  1. Sounds refreshing! Good to hear you have had some time to renew and rekindle and do all the re- stuff that is most important!

  2. well, then you didn´t miss it. It seems to me You were in full balance.

    Nature sure knows how to be in balance. Is this Your garden?! It´s beautiful.

    I´m hosting this weekword, "now". Please join.

  3. well, as hanna said, seems like you found a way to make balance after a stressful week. bringing life into balance is a great accomplishment.

    i missed it too, but in real life too. hectic, emotional days around here. both personally and well, you know, it's the middle east.