Sunday, September 12, 2010


I have a hard time with painting. It feels like it is always trying to be too finished and important. It feels deceptive to me. It feels strange to cover up and suffocate a nice piece of wood. That being said I really enjoy looking at the paintings of others and I do love the actual feel of painting. I also like the "objectness" of it and to contradict myself I like the "finishedness" of it. I just don't feel right when I do it, or really after I do it.

It is Sunday morning I have a paper hanging over my head, loads of laundry and a busy week ahead. and two kids that are fighting over a radio, one wants to listen to Michael Jackson the other to Guns N' Roses and me, well I'd prefer to listen to the birds.


  1. run away...even if it is only to the bathroom with a lock on the door, take your drawing material with you of course- The kid who wants to listen to Michael Jackson can listen and at the same time load the washer...The other kid can listen to guns and Roses and fold the clothes- Good luck- I am all talk- it never worked here...